On Anarchy and Violence

I was talking to a friend recently about anarchy and the use of violence to 
overthrow the powers that be. He told me about a conversation he had been 
in with several anarchists of this persuasion. When they were questioned 
about what would happen after the government was overthrown and how a 
nonhierarchical structure would be enforced, they simply replied that, 
"the people would figure it out for themselves." 

This is why I don't agree with that: If the people are capable of figuring 
it out for themselves after a violent revolution, then they are capable of 
figuring it out for themselves without one. I mean that people can form a 
nonhierarchical system of governance here and now just as easily as they 
could in the chaos that would follow the overthrow of the government. 
People are the police & the military & the government. If people would 
decide simply to govern themselves today all these things would wither and 

There is really only one way in which a nonhierarchical structure could 
exist, and that is if everyone involved chooses that lifestyle. The other 
(illusory) option is through forceful coercion. In reality though, no one 
can force another to do anything. One can threaten, torture, and imprison, 
but the choice to resist always remains. Until of course, the use of deadly 
force is employed. This is why I think true "anarchy" exists within the 
already established order. It exists today in the individuals and 
communities that embrace that lifestyle. The more powerful that movement 
becomes, the less power and authority the government wields over the people. 

I personally am interested in the establishment of sustainable communities 
that barter, trade, share and live as though the government is irrelevant. 
I hope that over time enough people will see that way as a better way to 
live and will migrate to that lifestyle. These communities could be doing 
outreach also, always ready to educate and encourage dialogue with 
interested people from other walks of life.

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